Telefon Tel Aviv - Map of What is Effortless

Sabtu, 19 Juli 2008

Artist: Telefon Tel Aviv
Genre: Electronica
Label: Hefty!
Audio CD (January 27, 2004)
Original Release Date: January 27, 2004
Released: 2001
Recorded: 2001

Tracks on this Album

1. When it Happens it Moves all by Itself Download
2. I Lied Download
3. My Week Beats Your Year Download
4. Bubble and Spike Download
5.Map of What is Effortless Download
6. Nothing is Worth Losing that Download
7. What It Is Without the Hand That Wields It Download
8. What is Was Will Never Again Download
9. At the Edge of the World You Will Still Float Download

NOFX - Pump Up the Valuum

Minggu, 06 Juli 2008

Artist(Band): NOFX
Album:Pump Up the Valuum
Released: June 13, 2000
Recorded: 1999 - 2000
Motor Studios,
San Francisco, USA
Genre: Punk rock
Label: Epitaph

Tracks on this Album

1 And Now For Something Completely Similar
2 Take Two Placebos And Call Me Lame
3 What's The Matter With Parents Today?
4 Dinosaurs Will Die
5 Thank God It's Monday
6 Clams Have Feelings Too (Actually They Don't)
7 Louise
8 Stranger Than Fishin'
9 Pharmacist's Daughter
10 Bottles To The Ground
11 Total Bummer
12 My Vagina
13 Herojuana
14 Theme From A NOFX Album

NOFX - The War On Errorism

Artist(Band): NOFX
Album: NOFX - The War On Errorism
Released: May 6, 2003
Recorded: January through April 2003
Motor Studios, San Francisco, USA
Genre: Punk rock
Label: Fat Wreck Chords

Tracks on this Album

1. The Separation of Church and Skate
2. The Irrationality of Rationality
3. Franco Un-American
4. Idiots Are Taking Over
5. She's Nubs
6. Mattersville
7. Decom-posuer
8. Medio-core
9. Anarchy Camp
10. American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters)
11. We Got Two Jealous Agains
12. 13 Stitches
13. Re-gaining Unconsciousness
14. Whoops, I OD'd

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Blow in the Wind

Selasa, 01 Juli 2008

Artist(Band): Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
Album: Artist(Band): Blow in the Wind
Origin: California, United States
Genre(s): Punk rock
Pop punk[1][2]
Label(s): Fat Wreck Chords

Tracks on this Album

1. Blowin' In The Wind Download
2. Sloop John B Download
3. Wild World Download
4. Who Put The Bomp Download
5. Elenor Download
6. My Boyfriend's Back Download
7. All My Lovin' Download
8. Stand By Your Man Download
9. San Francisco Download
10. I Only Want To Be With You Download
11. Runaway Download
12. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Download
13. Different Drum Download